Insalling landscapes in the Fall


There are many misconceptions about installing landscapes during the Fall season because winter is right around the corner. Fall is actually a great time to boost your landscape with a renovation or small planting. The misconception is that winter is too close and after the rush of Spring and early Summer has passed so has the ideal time to plant. Do not let this line of thinking sway you to put the project off for an entire winter! Call Seiler’s Landscaping today to schedule a consultation to begin planning a beautiful fall landscape for your home.

The trees and shrubs that are installed in your landscape will have enough time to root in and by next spring, will be eager to burst and perform exactly as planned. If the colder weather of fall is causing hesitation don’t let it, because the soil temperature in the fall is ideal for the plants and the outside temperature will truly not harm the plant material.

Also, while evaluating and watering your new landscape you won’t have to battle the dead of summer heat! Again, if you didn’t plan to have your landscape completed this spring, leap into action and call Seiler’s Landscaping now to plan a wonderful landscape for your home!


Let the water flow

Having issues with mulch washing onto your driveway or patio? Often times this causes an overreaction and homeowners assume that they need to have machinery reduce the soil in the beds to make it less of a grade. Having an area where water tends to “sit” after a very heavy rain is almost unavoidable. It is pretty clear what direction the water tends to flow if you’ve kept an eye on the mulch after a rain.

This can give you a great idea of the path that the overflow of water will always take. Instead of creating a larger headache call Seiler’s Landscaping today to find a quick and aesthetically pleasing solution. Often times adding a band of decorative river stone or river gravel will maintain a very natural look to your landscape while aiding with the water run-off issues. This is a win-win situation where the solution is actually an addition to the look of the landscape as opposed to an ugly drain that only aids with water runoff.

Call Seiler’s Landscaping today to schedule a consultation.


Prioritize your project


Chances are the list of landscape needs/replacements at your home is larger than you originally anticipated. Often times while walking around the home on a consultation even the homeowner is surprised at how many landscape beds need attention. The best way to manage a large outdoor landscape project is to prioritize! If your front landscape that is highly visible to passing traffic has been ignored for several years and has multiple dead shrubs, it would be wise to address that area before a backyard hidden bed.

Take some time and really think about which beds/projects you’d like done immediately and which ones can potentially wait until later in the season, or the following year. The designer from Seiler’s Landscaping will have plenty of helpful advice on which projects should be prioritized and which ones could be done in phases, and also plan each individual project to be completed at the ideal time of year. Installing a patio is ideal for the July/August heat because you don’t have to water that. Installing a privacy hedge or a planting around a new pool could wait until fall when the heat is not as oppressive and detrimental to the health of the planting.

In summary, prioritize your project! Let the designer from Seiler’s Landscaping give the helpful input paired with your planning prior to the consultation to make the entire project feel seamless and easy!


Sun shade balance


In an ideal world your home would get the perfect amount of sun/shade throughout the day to have a sun-soaked multi-colored oasis of flowers and shrubs. However, as we all know, that is never the case. Inevitably there will be a bed or beds in your garden that get almost no sun and usually these beds are under large trees where roots can make planting difficult.

Call Seiler’s Landscaping today to schedule a consultation to develop a plan to make that shade bed stand out. A surefire way to accomplish having a wonderful shade bed is to utilize plants that not only do well in shaded areas with less than ideal soil, but also look spectacular.

Some plant varieties that are ideal for these shaded areas are hosta, coral bells, liriope, English ivy, ferns, ajuga and astilbe. Depending on whether you’d like the area to be completely covered with groundcover (i.e. the English ivy or the ajuga) or independent plants (i.e. hosta, coral bells, or astilbe) the designer from Seiler’s Landscaping can create exactly what you have in mind. Just within that small list of plant material that will do well in shaded areas there is a variety of colors and textures that will make the shade bed your new favorite!


Consider all the seasons

There is no denying that the color, smell, and textures of a landscape are clearly visible during the spring and summer months. Most homeowners scramble to add a pocket of color and to add new mulch to have the home looking fresh for spring. While it is an exciting time for the landscape industry, it is not the only season. Considering all season interests is something that the designers at Seiler’s Landscaping do with every design.

With the changing climate of the Cincinnati area, having a mix of deciduous and evergreen plantings will give your landscape focal points and a nice structure year round. Homes that have all blooming and deciduous shrubs and trees may “wow” the neighborhood in the spring, but come Fall/Winter and their landscape will look barren. Mixing varieties and sizes of spruce is an easy way to have different colors even within the evergreen category.

While it may not be something that you have considered before, consider calling Seiler’s Landscaping today to set up a consultation and have your landscape look spectacular ALL year!


Adding the perfect amount of lighting

Having a well thought out LED lighting system will truly make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood around the clock. Often times the true beauty of a landscape is only enjoyed during daylight hours, and at night it is simply unlit and dormant. An LED system is extremely reliable (unlike some horror stories with solar lighting) and has a huge immediate impact on the look of your home.

Seiler’s Landscaping can help you add the perfect amount of up lighting and accent lighting to showcase your beautiful landscape in the late evening/night time hours. During the hot summer days of Cincinnati it is much more enjoyable to be outdoors in the evening when things have cooled a bit and having an LED lighting system will make your landscape impossible to ignore.

There is also an added safety bonus to having your home lit at night and makes moving around the property simpler if you arrive home at night. Overall, there is an untapped period of time for your landscape to “shine” that most people aren’t taking advantage of.


Does your landscape need a colorful wake up?

After a long spring and a lot of work you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor and sit back and take in the outdoor environment at your home. However, upon sipping your lemonade on your paver patio you realize that the landscape looks good but just needs a bit of seasonal “spark”. Don’t fear, the team at Seiler’s Landscaping is here. There are several varieties of plants that can add seasonal pop, and the designer will guide you to the type of plant material needed for your area.

If it is a relatively large area then Endless Summer Hydrangea can really add a colorful, hardy boost of color to your landscape. If you don’t have a large area that needs color then adding some smaller perennials will get the job done! Consider adding some Lavender or Dianthus to convert a bland area into a colorful pocket. Either way, if your landscape is in need of a colorful wake up, call Seiler’s Landscaping today for a free consultation.


Highlight your home's architectural features

Cincinnati has a wonderful mix of old and new neighborhoods, all with their own story and characteristics. As popular landscape trends fade and the existing landscape at your home becomes outdated and out of place, planning a new landscape should become a priority. The team at Seiler’s Landscaping can make any style home “pop” and give it outstanding curb appeal. Whether your home is a historic landmark or not even a year old each style provides Seiler’s Landscaping a unique opportunity to highlight the home’s key architectural features. So regardless of the style of home you have, Seiler’s Landscaping can make it the envy of your entire neighborhood!


Making your patio a breeze


When selecting a patio several factors will influence the final product you decide on. That can be an overwhelming process to get started, so call Seiler’s Landscaping to have a landscape designer meet you and guide you through the procedure. The size of the patio is very important when starting to design the patio. Having in mind how many people you entertain and what type of space you will need is a great starting point.

From there the designer at Seiler’s will be able to create a visually interesting and also functional patio shape. The next step is to look into what type of materials will be used to create the patio. A concrete pave blend has a very professional and welcoming look and there are a variety of different color options to match your existing materials. Lastly, consider your budget to drive the conversation with the designer as far as size, shape, and materials are concerned. Be open to new ideas and materials!

Adding a patio or outdoor living space is an exciting, but sometimes overwhelming process that the team at Seiler’s Landscaping can make a breeze!


Properly watering new landscape

Improper watering of a new landscape installation is the leading cause of plant fatality. This is especially tricky because watering correctly does involve some keen senses because no two plants require the same amount of water. With a completely new installation it is a bit easier because all of the plant material will need a good amount of water as opposed to being mixed with established plant material.

The unfortunate aspect of having to water a new installation is that it takes more time, but this is a wonderful time to get familiar with each plant and all of the components of your new landscape.  The foreman from Seiler’s Landscaping that installs your landscape will always soak the plants thoroughly to get them off to a good start. Also, they are available for any and all questions about watering each specific plant!

The key to successful watering lies in finding a happy medium and being persistent in the weeks following your installation. You want to avoid the soil being too wet or dry, which seems obvious enough, but as stated before you cannot assume all of the plants are good after a light rain. Each shrub or tree has varying water needs and ultimately the best way to gauge is to get your hands dirty! If the soil around the burlap root ball is dry and dusty add water, and if it is completely muddy or has standing water that is just as deadly. Again, the key is to find a happy medium and to truly monitor the plants until they become established.