Does your landscape need a colorful wake up?

After a long spring and a lot of work you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor and sit back and take in the outdoor environment at your home. However, upon sipping your lemonade on your paver patio you realize that the landscape looks good but just needs a bit of seasonal “spark”. Don’t fear, the team at Seiler’s Landscaping is here. There are several varieties of plants that can add seasonal pop, and the designer will guide you to the type of plant material needed for your area.

If it is a relatively large area then Endless Summer Hydrangea can really add a colorful, hardy boost of color to your landscape. If you don’t have a large area that needs color then adding some smaller perennials will get the job done! Consider adding some Lavender or Dianthus to convert a bland area into a colorful pocket. Either way, if your landscape is in need of a colorful wake up, call Seiler’s Landscaping today for a free consultation.