Consider all the seasons

There is no denying that the color, smell, and textures of a landscape are clearly visible during the spring and summer months. Most homeowners scramble to add a pocket of color and to add new mulch to have the home looking fresh for spring. While it is an exciting time for the landscape industry, it is not the only season. Considering all season interests is something that the designers at Seiler’s Landscaping do with every design.

With the changing climate of the Cincinnati area, having a mix of deciduous and evergreen plantings will give your landscape focal points and a nice structure year round. Homes that have all blooming and deciduous shrubs and trees may “wow” the neighborhood in the spring, but come Fall/Winter and their landscape will look barren. Mixing varieties and sizes of spruce is an easy way to have different colors even within the evergreen category.

While it may not be something that you have considered before, consider calling Seiler’s Landscaping today to set up a consultation and have your landscape look spectacular ALL year!