Sun shade balance


In an ideal world your home would get the perfect amount of sun/shade throughout the day to have a sun-soaked multi-colored oasis of flowers and shrubs. However, as we all know, that is never the case. Inevitably there will be a bed or beds in your garden that get almost no sun and usually these beds are under large trees where roots can make planting difficult.

Call Seiler’s Landscaping today to schedule a consultation to develop a plan to make that shade bed stand out. A surefire way to accomplish having a wonderful shade bed is to utilize plants that not only do well in shaded areas with less than ideal soil, but also look spectacular.

Some plant varieties that are ideal for these shaded areas are hosta, coral bells, liriope, English ivy, ferns, ajuga and astilbe. Depending on whether you’d like the area to be completely covered with groundcover (i.e. the English ivy or the ajuga) or independent plants (i.e. hosta, coral bells, or astilbe) the designer from Seiler’s Landscaping can create exactly what you have in mind. Just within that small list of plant material that will do well in shaded areas there is a variety of colors and textures that will make the shade bed your new favorite!