Prioritize your project


Chances are the list of landscape needs/replacements at your home is larger than you originally anticipated. Often times while walking around the home on a consultation even the homeowner is surprised at how many landscape beds need attention. The best way to manage a large outdoor landscape project is to prioritize! If your front landscape that is highly visible to passing traffic has been ignored for several years and has multiple dead shrubs, it would be wise to address that area before a backyard hidden bed.

Take some time and really think about which beds/projects you’d like done immediately and which ones can potentially wait until later in the season, or the following year. The designer from Seiler’s Landscaping will have plenty of helpful advice on which projects should be prioritized and which ones could be done in phases, and also plan each individual project to be completed at the ideal time of year. Installing a patio is ideal for the July/August heat because you don’t have to water that. Installing a privacy hedge or a planting around a new pool could wait until fall when the heat is not as oppressive and detrimental to the health of the planting.

In summary, prioritize your project! Let the designer from Seiler’s Landscaping give the helpful input paired with your planning prior to the consultation to make the entire project feel seamless and easy!