Let the water flow

Having issues with mulch washing onto your driveway or patio? Often times this causes an overreaction and homeowners assume that they need to have machinery reduce the soil in the beds to make it less of a grade. Having an area where water tends to “sit” after a very heavy rain is almost unavoidable. It is pretty clear what direction the water tends to flow if you’ve kept an eye on the mulch after a rain.

This can give you a great idea of the path that the overflow of water will always take. Instead of creating a larger headache call Seiler’s Landscaping today to find a quick and aesthetically pleasing solution. Often times adding a band of decorative river stone or river gravel will maintain a very natural look to your landscape while aiding with the water run-off issues. This is a win-win situation where the solution is actually an addition to the look of the landscape as opposed to an ugly drain that only aids with water runoff.

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