Insalling landscapes in the Fall


There are many misconceptions about installing landscapes during the Fall season because winter is right around the corner. Fall is actually a great time to boost your landscape with a renovation or small planting. The misconception is that winter is too close and after the rush of Spring and early Summer has passed so has the ideal time to plant. Do not let this line of thinking sway you to put the project off for an entire winter! Call Seiler’s Landscaping today to schedule a consultation to begin planning a beautiful fall landscape for your home.

The trees and shrubs that are installed in your landscape will have enough time to root in and by next spring, will be eager to burst and perform exactly as planned. If the colder weather of fall is causing hesitation don’t let it, because the soil temperature in the fall is ideal for the plants and the outside temperature will truly not harm the plant material.

Also, while evaluating and watering your new landscape you won’t have to battle the dead of summer heat! Again, if you didn’t plan to have your landscape completed this spring, leap into action and call Seiler’s Landscaping now to plan a wonderful landscape for your home!