Adding color 365 days a year

Fall is a marvelous time of the year for multiple reasons, from football to moderate temperatures there is a lot to be excited about! At Seiler’s Landscaping we welcome the Fall with open arms and truly enjoy seeing the change in color pallets in our landscapes. All Seiler’s Landscaping installations consider all seasons and blend plant material accordingly to have good balance and color 365 days a year.

Fall is unique in that the changes to the foliage are drastic and often short lived, but each individual plant adds a splash to the overall masterpiece. One plant that Seiler’s Landscaping uses to accomplish stunning Fall color is the Burning Bush. Often in a row or a hedge the leaves turn a very vibrant red that is impossible to ignore and creates a wonderful eye catching landscape feature.

So call Seiler’s Landscaping today to set up a consultation and we will begin designing a landscape that will wow all year! (Especially during Fall)