Properly watering new landscape

Improper watering of a new landscape installation is the leading cause of plant fatality. This is especially tricky because watering correctly does involve some keen senses because no two plants require the same amount of water. With a completely new installation it is a bit easier because all of the plant material will need a good amount of water as opposed to being mixed with established plant material.

The unfortunate aspect of having to water a new installation is that it takes more time, but this is a wonderful time to get familiar with each plant and all of the components of your new landscape.  The foreman from Seiler’s Landscaping that installs your landscape will always soak the plants thoroughly to get them off to a good start. Also, they are available for any and all questions about watering each specific plant!

The key to successful watering lies in finding a happy medium and being persistent in the weeks following your installation. You want to avoid the soil being too wet or dry, which seems obvious enough, but as stated before you cannot assume all of the plants are good after a light rain. Each shrub or tree has varying water needs and ultimately the best way to gauge is to get your hands dirty! If the soil around the burlap root ball is dry and dusty add water, and if it is completely muddy or has standing water that is just as deadly. Again, the key is to find a happy medium and to truly monitor the plants until they become established.