Seeing Red: Fall Foliage in Cincinnati Landscaping

For hard-core leaf-peepers, it’s never too early to think about fall’s gorgeous colors. Here’s how to add shades of red, orange, yellow and more to your yard.


Pick the Right Trees

Maples might be the first trees that come to mind for autumn color. We recommend the Red Sunset maple cultivar for its brilliant orange-red leaves. The leaves of the lacebark elm turn yellow to reddish purple in the fall. Autumn color is one of the many reasons to love all kinds of Japanese maples. Weeping redbud is a favorite for its pinkish purple spring flowers, but the tree’s leaves take on a pretty yellow hue in fall, too. 

Growing healthy trees is a matter of proper planting and choosing the right location. We love to help our clients add year-round beauty to their landscaping with trees.

Shrubs In All Shades

It’s not just trees that show off at this time of year. Burning bush is a deciduous shrub that people love for its bright red leaves. Cranberry bush is another shrub with beautiful autumn color. Cutleaf sumacs are popular both for their flowers and colored foliage. 

Other options include oakleaf hydrangea, ninebark and Juddi viburnum. 

Be sure to pay attention to growth patterns for these shrubs. Some are known to get very large over time. 

Late Bloomers 

Asters and mums are reliable fall flowers that can bring a punch of color just when the rest of the garden is waning. While it isn’t a flower, switch grass offers autumn red and gold leaves. 

Make It Pop! 

If you’d like to add more fall color to your landscape, contact us. We’d love to discuss your options during a free consultation.