Make Your Yard a Vacation Destination

Could anything be better than summer vacation? Maybe getting that resort feel right at home--no packing, airports or long drives required.

Here’s how to bring home the five things everyone loves about vacation:  

1. Time at the Pool


Whether you enjoy splashing around with the kids or just chilling with a drink and a good book, a backyard pool can remind you to relax. Consider your pool style first: Look online for inspiration photos, then think about what amenities you’d like your pool to include.  

When you’re ready for a pool of your own, we can help you design it, oversee the installation, add a beautiful pool deck and plan for gorgeous plantings all around.  

2. Being Pampered

Barlow water feature.jpg

For some, no vacation is complete without time at a spa. The peaceful murmur of a fountain and the fragrance of luxurious oils and lotions help create a complete retreat from responsibilities. 

How to duplicate all that at your place? Start with a water feature in your yard with a bubbling fountain. Add wind chimes for gentle music. Choose fragrant plants  like lavender, roses, lilacs and magnolia. Include a spot for deeply cushioned patio furniture where you can nap or daydream in comfort. 

3. Communing with Nature


Do all your vacation photos include shots of flowers, birds and wildlife? You can find all that flora and fauna at home, too. Design a backyard with living things in mind. You can attract butterflies, pollinators and birds with well-stocked feeders and the right plants. 

And, while pets aren’t exactly wildlife, we can help you create a backyard that’s perfect for them, too. Staycations mean you don’t have to board the dog: It’s a win-win! 

 4. Dining al Fresco


New restaurants, regional delicacies and eating under the stars can be vacation highlights. With an outdoor kitchen, one or two dining areas and the right landscape lighting design, we can help you create all the atmosphere of a quaint outdoor cafe or hip rooftop bar. 

Add a freestanding pizza oven, built-in smoker or tricked-out grill to inspire new recipes. Invite friends and family and your backyard could feel like a trendy restaurant. 

5. A Room with a View 


There’s something exciting about that first look from your hotel room out onto a new place. If the view from your favorite room is not so exciting, you can plan for new plantings, garden beds or other landscape features to punch up the visual appeal. 

Another option is to create a secret garden room by building a space screened by plants, a pergola or low walls. It can become your own sweet retreat from daily life. 

No Reservations Needed

Interested in making the most of your yard? We’d love to hear all about your vacation-inspired vision. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.