With Hardscaping, a Yard Makeover Is Easy

Every landscaping project has two parts: living elements (or plant life) and non-living (or structural) elements. Hardscaping includes things like paver patios, stone walls, walkways, pergolas, pool surrounds and firepits. 


Although hardscaping may not seem as flashy and colorful as flowers and trees, it plays an important role. If your yard’s plant life is healthy and beautiful, but you have hardscaping that’s crumbling, unattractive or not functional, it can hurt your home’s curb appeal. 

Here are a few things to know about hardscaping: 

Hardscaping Is a Solid Investment

A good rule of thumb is to invest about 10 to 15 percent of your home’s value in its landscaping. Durable, well-built hardscaping is a sound investment that will serve you now and well into the future. 

The best way to start a hardscaping re-do is with a comprehensive plan. Before we begin drawing up designs, we would ask how you would like to use your outdoor spaces. Is cooking and dining outdoors a priority? Would new walkways or paths make better use of your existing space? Would you like to add a pool or hot tub? 

Photos are always helpful tools in sharing ideas and possible options. We can show you photos of our previous work and take inspiration from photos you share about hardscaping you like.  

grill 2.jpg

There are many benefits to upgrading your landscape. For instance, hardscaping can:  

  • Define spaces for seating or dining.

  • Create an outdoor kitchen with a built-in look.

  • Increase your home’s curb appeal.

  • Create places to sit.  

  • Replace less durable surfaces like wood decking. 

Hardscape Installation

When we’ve developed a landscape plan that meets your approval, we begin installation, which might involve removal of existing elements. How long installation takes depends on the complexity and scope of your project. Hardscaping is installed first, then plant life is added. 

Once your landscaping is complete, we provide instructions for watering and plant care. Typically, hardscaping is very low-maintenance. You’ll be enjoying a beautiful new yard right away and for many years to come.   

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