LEED Certified Landscaping for Your Cincinnati Home

Whether you’re interested in a city of Cincinnati tax abated residential project or just want to create an environmentally friendly home, consider the residential LEED program. LEED-certified homes meet certain criteria set out by the US Green Building Council. The right kind of landscaping can help your project reach LEED goals.

“The overarching goal of LEED landscaping is to manage water on the property,” Will Seiler of Seiler’s Landscaping explains. “Rainwater harvesting, irrigation and choosing plants that are non-invasive are some of the elements.”

Landscaping and Hardscaping

When designing for a LEED project, the staff at Seiler’s ensures that every detail is taken into consideration. Trees are located where their shade will provide summer cooling for the home. We choose native plants that thrive without extra fertilization or care. The designs limit hard surfaces, like concrete, because they tend to collect and store excess heat. “For hardscapes, like patios and walkways, we choose materials that are permeable,” Will says. Allowing water to seep down into permeable pavers, for instance, means less runoff flowing into and burdening storm sewers.

Rainwater harvesting can be an important part of a LEED home. Beyond rain barrels that catch water running off a roof, these systems include large tanks that are buried during home construction. Then, the landscape’s irrigation system can pull water from the tanks when conditions require watering. Tanks are easier to install as part of construction of a new home, but they can be set in place if a homeowner is doing a major landscaping overhaul.

Your LEED Landscaping Partner

Depending on the range of “green” elements included in a project, a home can achieve one of four LEED levels: certified, silver, gold or platinum. The more elements you include, the more LEED points you earn.


As a competent, experienced LEED partner, Seiler’s Landscaping has managed large LEED projects. We’ve helped homeowners receive the most points available in terms of landscaping, and contributed to platinum level home projects.

Interested in saving money and saving the planet with your home? Contact us today to discuss your project.