3 Things that Are Making Your Landscape Look Dated

Are these problem areas aging your house visibly?

If you haven’t replaced your landscaping since 2004, it’s most likely time for a facelift. Not sure? Take a long look around your house: Do you see any of these three telltale signs of age?

1. Monster Shrubs


These guys start out as sweet little accents around your home’s foundation. Pretty soon, they’re taller than you are and overstaying their welcome. Even with pruning, the interiors of shrubs can become a mass of bare branches that don’t do anything for your home’s good looks. Bushes growing right up against your house can trap moisture and attract insects, too.

2. Rowdy Roots


Notice any lumps or swelling in your driveway or sidewalks? Roots from overly ambitious shrubs and trees may be to blame. Like bad neighbors, these roots will keep disturbing the peace in your pavement until you evict them.

3. Galloping Ground Cover


There’s nothing wrong with low plants that fill in spaces in your garden beds--until they overstep their boundaries. If you can’t figure out where a bed begins or ends, you may need to call in the border patrol. And, if you look closely, do you find that patches of ground cover have started welcoming weeds, too?

Turn Back the Clock


Most landscaping has about a 12- to 15-year lifespan. Even with regular trimming, pruning and weeding, shrubs, trees and plantings can become too large or suffer damage from weather, insects or wildlife.

At Seiler’s we give landscaping a fresh start with a multi-step approach:

  1. We walk around your house, assessing the health of existing plantings.

  2. We work with you and your budget to suggest ways to replace any items that have reached the end of their lifespan or are just too large for your space.

  3. Depending on your preference, we can remove and replace old plant life all at once or through a multi-year phased approach.

  4. We provide easy instructions for maintaining new plantings for you to enjoy for years to come.

Look Younger!

Ready to take years off your home? Call us today to talk about your options.