Is your hardscape outdated?


The winter months when your deciduous plants have dropped their leaves and only the evergreens remain colorful in your garden is the perfect time to review your landscape. This especially pertains to the hardscape on your property. You have an uninterrupted view of how your hardscape surfaces flow together and look without your landscape plants softening and perhaps hiding flaws. If you haven’t added hardscape to your home at all, it would be a great time to visualize where a potential project could really benefit your outdoor living space the following spring.

Begin the process by calling Seiler’s Landscaping and one of our designers can meet you at your home and review your thoughts and give professional advice on where to implement new hardscape features. If your hardscape is outdated, you can call Seiler’s Landscaping right away to begin plans for a new paver patio or walkway in the late winter/early spring. So take advantage of the upcoming winter months to take inventory and plan ahead so when April rolls around your landscape will stand out and be the envy of the entire neighborhood!