Adding a River Birch

Very few trees add the instant aesthetic and enduring impact that a River Birch does. These trees are multi-stemmed and have a very fascinating bark that draws the eye. They display a variety of colors due to the bark contrasting with the foliage throughout the seasons. The cinnamon colored exfoliating bark is a real show stopper during the winter months and is absolutely gorgeous. While the leaves don’t remain all season, you are still getting all season visual interest when utilizing this tree.

When you call Seiler’s Landscaping to schedule a free consultation to begin renovating or installing your landscape, be sure to let the designer know you did your homework and would like to see some River Birch worked into the design.  As is the case with all of our plant material, the River Birches from Seiler’s Landscaping are hardy and very fast growing and will add lasting character to your home.