Watering Protects Your Landscaping Investment

If your landscaping could talk right now, it would croak out a weak “Water, please?”

Late summer is brutal on Cincinnati landscaping. “The best way to protect your investment is to water,” says Will Seiler, “and do it early and often.”

All plants, but especially newly installed plantings, need adequate moisture now in order to grow, thrive and survive through the winter. And while cold weather may seem far off, once the ground freezes, plants can’t absorb any moisture. The time is now to serve up the drinks your plants desperately need.

How Much and How Often?

Large shade and flowering trees require plenty of water to saturate the root ball and surrounding soil. Water each tree by placing a slow running hose at the base of the trunk. We recommend 15 minutes of slow running water every other day for the first 10 to 15 days after planting. Repeat every fourth or fifth day after that, depending on rainfall.


Water evergreen trees individually with a slow running hose for about 10 minutes each. Evergreen shrubs need about 3 minutes of slow running water from a hose to saturate their root balls and the surrounding soil. Check the soil around each tree or shrub every day or so—if it crumbles, it’s time water.

Flowering trees and shrubs need frequent, lighter watering. Use a slow running hose at the base of each plant for about 3 minutes and repeat every other day.

Water grasses and perennials individually with a slow running hose for about 1 minute daily.

Ask for Help

If you plan to go out of town this summer, be sure someone takes over your watering tasks. New construction landscaping is especially vulnerable to neglect. Even if you haven’t moved in yet, you need to be vigilant about proper watering of new trees, shrubs and perennials.

If you have questions about watering this summer, call us.