Landscape Lighting Pro Tips and Trends From Kichler

Landscape lighting works hard bringing you safety, return on investment and great curb appeal. To make the most of these benefits, pair a professional lighting plan with high-quality light fixtures.

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At Seiler’s Landscaping, when we create a plan for lighting, we specify Kichler fixtures. Nick Allen, our Kichler representative, explains why it’s a solid choice. “Kichler offers one of the strongest warranties, coupled with excellent customer service,” Nick says. “The failure rate on these fixtures is less than .5 percent and Kichler firmly stands behind all of their lights.”

Location, Location, Location

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Yes, you can go to a big box store and buy a handful of exterior lights. The trick is knowing what type of fixtures you need, how many to install and where to put them. Going with a lighting plan designed by an experienced professional is what Nick recommends. “Your landscape contractor is ultimately the expert on the outside of your house,” Nick says. “Let them feature and embellish your outdoor space.” 

With a professional’s approach to landscape lighting,  certain features of a property or outdoor living space can be enhanced and enjoyed after the sun goes down. Those extra hours of enjoyment are a great return on the investment homeowners make to their outdoor living spaces. “Seiler’s long history and experience makes them an excellent choice in a professional and artistic lighting display,” Nick says.  

What’s New With Landscape Lighting

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LED lighting was introduced to landscaping within the last five years. This type of lighting is the most energy efficient. “Kichler has worked to perfect the new technology and continues to introduce new features,” Nick says. While LED lighting has a higher upfront cost, it uses less energy over the long run and features bulbs with long lifespans.

Nick offers another suggestion for kicking your curb appeal up a notch. “Don’t be limited to a 10- to 12-light package,” he says. With the extra investment, you can add more fixtures, or backlight or shadow a feature in your yard. The lighting will set you apart from your neighbors and create a welcoming glow when you come home each night.

Kichler and Seiler’s Landscaping Team Up 

Nick, who has spent 20 years in the landscape industry understands how to make homes look great. We’re humbled that he’s quick to recommend our services. “Seiler’s brings professionalism, ethical business practices, and expert horticulture knowledge to the table,” Nick says. He calls our team (Will, Jim, Darren and Anna) responsive and in tune with clients’ needs. “They build a customer base but they also build a relationship and work to make it a long-lasting one,” he says.

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