Choosing the Best Trees for Landscaping

Could you imagine your property or landscaping without trees? As the major structure for landscape design all around your home, trees offer so much: beauty we can see and shade we can feel; shelter for birds and wildlife. They even keep the air we breathe clean.


It Pays to Be Picky

At Seiler’s Landscaping, we are very choosy when it comes to our trees. Jim and Will Seiler head out each fall to scour tree nurseries throughout the Midwest and beyond, looking for the best quality trees for your landscape project. “We might purchase 50 trees from a field of 5,000,” Will says. With Jim’s 40 years of experience purchasing the highest quality plant material, what does he look for when judging trees?

  • A strong central leader (or trunk)

  • Good branching structure

  • A nicely rounded crown

  • Overall good health

  • Large size for the tree’s age

tree post IMG_1554.jpg

Off to a Good Start

Once the trees are delivered to our holding nursery, we fertilize and care for them while they wait for a home and the best time to plant.

Planting is another area where we aim for the highest standards. We know it’s critical to choose the right tree for the right space. We rely on knowledge of each species and our Cincinnati climate to decide where to place trees on your property for the best outcome.

We can show you how different trees can offer:

  • Shade to make your yard or home more comfortable and energy efficient

  • A splash of color with blossoms and flowers

  • Show-stopping fall color

  • Privacy for an outdoor living space

  • A wind break

Call the Pros

While there are many places to purchase trees to plant yourself, counting on a pro like Seiler’s Landscaping leads to the best outcome. To help trees grow and thrive, we:

  • Plant them at the proper depth

  • Place them where they will receive the correct amount of sun and water

  • Ensure there is plenty of room for them to grow to full height

  • Add deer guard around ornamentals and shade trees

  • Stake them when necessary

  • Add fertilizer and mulch around the base

Because we only select the best specimens, we offer a one-year warranty on all our trees. If a tree doesn’t perform for some reason during that year, we replace it.

Trees can be planted all year around (as long as the ground isn’t frozen), so call us anytime to talk about adding trees to your property or landscape!