How to fix a slope

One of the most common areas Cincinnati homeowners approach Seiler’s Landscaping to ‘fix’ is a hillside or slope on their property. Often these slopes can be in awkward spots on the property and present a difficult challenge most homeowners shy away from. Often times, the despair comes from a lack of vision or idea and the homeowner simply doesn’t know what to do with the area.

That is where a landscape designer from Seiler’s landscaping can make all the difference. The designer will use your ideas and input blended with their know-how to design something practical and beautiful. Believe it or not, the slope is actually beneficial to the landscape design because features such as natural stone retaining walls and water features don’t have to be “forced” and created.

The slope allows for a nice blend of natural stone and landscape plantings that Seiler’s has been installing for over 30 years. So when you are faced with a difficult slope in your yard and cannot devise a plan, call Seiler’s Landscaping to set up a consultation!