Is your hardscape outdated?


The winter months when your deciduous plants have dropped their leaves and only the evergreens remain colorful in your garden is the perfect time to review your landscape. This especially pertains to the hardscape on your property. You have an uninterrupted view of how your hardscape surfaces flow together and look without your landscape plants softening and perhaps hiding flaws. If you haven’t added hardscape to your home at all, it would be a great time to visualize where a potential project could really benefit your outdoor living space the following spring.

Begin the process by calling Seiler’s Landscaping and one of our designers can meet you at your home and review your thoughts and give professional advice on where to implement new hardscape features. If your hardscape is outdated, you can call Seiler’s Landscaping right away to begin plans for a new paver patio or walkway in the late winter/early spring. So take advantage of the upcoming winter months to take inventory and plan ahead so when April rolls around your landscape will stand out and be the envy of the entire neighborhood!


Adding a River Birch

Very few trees add the instant aesthetic and enduring impact that a River Birch does. These trees are multi-stemmed and have a very fascinating bark that draws the eye. They display a variety of colors due to the bark contrasting with the foliage throughout the seasons. The cinnamon colored exfoliating bark is a real show stopper during the winter months and is absolutely gorgeous. While the leaves don’t remain all season, you are still getting all season visual interest when utilizing this tree.

When you call Seiler’s Landscaping to schedule a free consultation to begin renovating or installing your landscape, be sure to let the designer know you did your homework and would like to see some River Birch worked into the design.  As is the case with all of our plant material, the River Birches from Seiler’s Landscaping are hardy and very fast growing and will add lasting character to your home.

Getting your plants off to their best start


When installing the high quality plant material on your landscape project Seiler’s Landscaping pays close attention to the condition of the soil on your property. Having spectacular looking plant material is very important, but making sure the plant has quality soil to develop in is equally important. At Seiler’s Landcaping we enhance the soil in every way possible, and to do so we use the very versatile Peat Moss. Peat Moss is made up of a host of sphagnum mosses which are cultivated and harvested in bogs.

There are several uses, like cleaning up liquid spills that happen around your home but it is ideal for utilizing when installing a landscape because it holds up to twenty times its weight in water and reduces the amount of watering you have to do.

Also, because it retains so much moisture it holds nutrients and minerals from leaching out of your soil. Lastly, it is an organic material so it will naturally break down over time and you will not have to re-apply each year (like compost).

Call Seiler’s Landscaping today to begin re-creating your landscape and we will make sure the plants get off to the very best start!


Adding a walkway

A neat and structured walkway can be a great addition to your landscape design. This can be a beautifully curved sidewalk made out of concrete pavers or even just a natural stone stepper path that curves through your garden. Walkways allow you to walk through your garden without distressing the plants or landscape design while getting an up close look at the health/beauty of each plant. Natural pathways are great avenues to not only enjoy your landscape from a different perspective, but will help you to notice a particular shrub or tree that may be struggling.

They can also add a touch of professionalism and class as well. You will find several pictures of paths and walkways on our website. Hopefully these photos will give you some ideas for walkways you can use with your own home or landscaping project.

The next step is easy, just call Seiler’s Landscaping today to set up a free consultation!


Adding color 365 days a year

Fall is a marvelous time of the year for multiple reasons, from football to moderate temperatures there is a lot to be excited about! At Seiler’s Landscaping we welcome the Fall with open arms and truly enjoy seeing the change in color pallets in our landscapes. All Seiler’s Landscaping installations consider all seasons and blend plant material accordingly to have good balance and color 365 days a year.

Fall is unique in that the changes to the foliage are drastic and often short lived, but each individual plant adds a splash to the overall masterpiece. One plant that Seiler’s Landscaping uses to accomplish stunning Fall color is the Burning Bush. Often in a row or a hedge the leaves turn a very vibrant red that is impossible to ignore and creates a wonderful eye catching landscape feature.

So call Seiler’s Landscaping today to set up a consultation and we will begin designing a landscape that will wow all year! (Especially during Fall)


Insalling landscapes in the Fall


There are many misconceptions about installing landscapes during the Fall season because winter is right around the corner. Fall is actually a great time to boost your landscape with a renovation or small planting. The misconception is that winter is too close and after the rush of Spring and early Summer has passed so has the ideal time to plant. Do not let this line of thinking sway you to put the project off for an entire winter! Call Seiler’s Landscaping today to schedule a consultation to begin planning a beautiful fall landscape for your home.

The trees and shrubs that are installed in your landscape will have enough time to root in and by next spring, will be eager to burst and perform exactly as planned. If the colder weather of fall is causing hesitation don’t let it, because the soil temperature in the fall is ideal for the plants and the outside temperature will truly not harm the plant material.

Also, while evaluating and watering your new landscape you won’t have to battle the dead of summer heat! Again, if you didn’t plan to have your landscape completed this spring, leap into action and call Seiler’s Landscaping now to plan a wonderful landscape for your home!


Let the water flow

Having issues with mulch washing onto your driveway or patio? Often times this causes an overreaction and homeowners assume that they need to have machinery reduce the soil in the beds to make it less of a grade. Having an area where water tends to “sit” after a very heavy rain is almost unavoidable. It is pretty clear what direction the water tends to flow if you’ve kept an eye on the mulch after a rain.

This can give you a great idea of the path that the overflow of water will always take. Instead of creating a larger headache call Seiler’s Landscaping today to find a quick and aesthetically pleasing solution. Often times adding a band of decorative river stone or river gravel will maintain a very natural look to your landscape while aiding with the water run-off issues. This is a win-win situation where the solution is actually an addition to the look of the landscape as opposed to an ugly drain that only aids with water runoff.

Call Seiler’s Landscaping today to schedule a consultation.